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Top 7 Inspirational Email Tests

Email marketing can be very tricky. Unless you hire a professional, how do you know that the emails you are sending are actually being read? I came across these interesting tips that might help you in achieving email marketing success. The following article is about the top 7 inspirational email tests:

  • Email opt-in offer creative
  •  Privacy Line
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Case Study: How To Achieve Business Growth By Blogging

River Pools and Spas (RPS) was a small business that sold swimming pools in Virginia and Maryland. When it was founded in 2001, Marcus Sheridan, its owner, did not have an optimized marketing plan. Limited exposure to marketing techniques led him to rely on more traditional marketing campaigns, which tended to be costly. Reevaluating his marketing strategies, Sheridan decided to try something new—namely, use his website as a marketing tool and blog to draw site traffic.

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Social Media Marketing Tips For Your Small Business

Lots of business is based on social media marketing these days, so if you’re not in the Internet loop, catch up! Check out these 10 helpful ways to incorporate social media into your small business’ marketing strategy, and watch your numbers soar!

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How to Catch Bad SEO

SEO is, hands down, one of the best ways to get your website noticed on the Internet. This is why several site owners choose to hire experts to handle their SEO strategies.

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Google + (Plus): The Next Craze in Social Media

With Google as the most popular search engine (, it’s no doubt that its new social component “+” will take over the social networking world, including the reigning social media site, Facebook. The purpose of the Google+ Project is to make sharing content online like sharing content in real life. Check out the presentation below for a Google+ demonstration:

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Create a Social Networking Program

As we have stressed before, the Internet has become a mainstream means of communication for people and businesses. Therefore, it is beneficial to use it as a marketing tool such that you can promote your brand or a particular product, receive feedback on your business, connect with more customers, and overall expand your business.  However, social media will not just happen alone. You must put in the necessary time and effort into developing your program in order to efficiently see results. Consider the following 5 steps for an optimal social networking program:

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