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Chicago Agent Magazine 2016 Agent’s Choice Awards Finalists

We are so honored to have three of our client’s in the top three finalists for the Chicago Agent Magazine 2016 Agent’s Choice Awards!!! Congratulations to Baird & Warner, nominated for Best Brokerage Website, Millie Rosenbloom, for Industry MVP City and Sergio Eguiarte, for Best Agent Website. Looking forward to taking home the wins!

If you missed the announcement, check out Chicago Agent Magazine’s Facebook Live.


The brief history of marketing

The marketing process is older than you may think.

Since the invention of movable type in 1450, media has influenced potential consumers to buy certain products and services. Following the mass production of the printing press, magazines, posters and billboards began to gain in popularity as ways of advertisement before the turn of the 20th century. In fact, posters became so popular in London that they were briefly outlawed in 1839. With further technological advancement, targeting greater audiences became easier. By 1950, radio, television and telemarketing became common practices managed by marketing departments. By 2000, internet, email, and search engines began to further assist companies in developing their target audiences.

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Blogging According to Google

It seems fairly obvious that Google is the giant when it comes to web searching and ranking sites. Of course there are other search engines out there such as Bing, Yahoo, etc.; however, Google has managed to completely dominate the online search engine world.  If you are not writing and doing as Google says you should do, then you are missing out on what surely can be revenue-generating opportunities for you or your business.  Within the following  article, an expert teaches us the key best practices associated with blogging and how it all relates to the process in which Google, and other search engines, assign rankings and recognize your blogs.  READ MORE…


Learn From These 5 Innovative Mobile Marketing Campaigns

The term “mobile marketing” previously referred to phones, but alas, this is no longer the case.  These days, one could be referring to an iPad or maybe not even a phone at all. Your marketing campaign could be embedded in an app or a QR code or a Facebook link or maybe a combination of all three!

As the definition of “mobile” evolves, marketers have an opportunity to stake out some new turf — the segment is so new that no rulebook exists yet. Because of the open-ended nature of the technology, there are really no limits to one’s ideas.

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Sales and Marketing – Who’s on first?

The climate is changing. The days when marketing departments were out in left field…..alone to defend their marketing strategies are long gone. Sales departments were also told “you’re on your own” when it came to how they reached their sales goals. Today, the baseline is blurred. Sales and Marketing departments are now building relationships with each other to reach fourth base…continue reading

The Power of Video Marketing

Creating videos is a great way to push your content in an innovative and engaging format, promote yourself or your company as an industry authority, help with your SEO and link building, build your brand reputation, increase online presence and more. In essence, video marketing has the potential to do it all!

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