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Social Media Marketing Tips For Your Small Business

Lots of business is based on social media marketing these days, so if you’re not in the Internet loop, catch up! Check out these 10 helpful ways to incorporate social media into your small business’ marketing strategy, and watch your numbers soar!

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How to Market Your Brand With YouTube

Brand U Friday

We here at Lpdeezign & Marketing cannot stress this enough:  today, the world is all about efficiency and popularity. Would you rather read a newspaper article or watch the news? How about watching an instructional video versus a how-to brochure? We guess you’d probably rather watch a video instead of read print. So would your customers. Videos allow us to send messages with sounds, words, pictures, and motion all at once. And what better place than the Internet is there to watch them? YouTube is undeniably the most popular video sharing website used by people all around the world. With 2 billion views per day and 3.7 billion searches per month, YouTube has proved itself as a vital tool as a part of the social media toolbox for expanding a brand’s awareness. And as a child of Google, the #1 search engine, you bet YouTube owns almost as much of the Internet as its parent does. Following are some tips of how to use YouTube to optimally promote your brand on YouTube.

What to upload:

– Announcements for new products/features
– Interviews
– Recorded Webinars
– Event highlights
– User-submitted videos
– Instructional videos

Tips for your YouTube channel:

–  The name of your channel should be the name of your business.
– Include the link to your website under “Website.”
– Write a description for why viewers should watch your videos.
– Fill out the “About” section. Give a description of what your business is. Also include a link to your website here!
– Make sure to use good keyword strategy for all of your written content!

Tips for uploading videos:

– Come up with attention-getting titles for your videos
– Always write a description of what the video is about. Take advantage of keywords and links here!
– Include tags, as many as you want!
– Make sure to set your privacy level to “public.”
– Allow comments, ratings, and comment voting to get your viewers to communicate with and about your business!
– Group similarly-themed videos into playlists to keep them organized.

Tips for promoting videos:

– Embed videos on your website.
– Post bulletins to subscribers.
– Tweet and post on Facebook about your playlists and videos.
– Include links to your channel in email newsletters.

Tracking and optimization:

– Utilize YouTube Insight, which provides statistics on viewer demographics, total views, videos most viewed, and traffic sources.

If you have not yet done so, sign your business up for a YouTube account now! Also, come back next week for a brand new Brand U Friday!


Using Twitter to Market Your Business

Twitter is the second most popular social media site under Facebook ( Therefore, we strongly recommend you use it for your business if you’re not doing so already. A Twitter account for your business can help promote your brand, blog, or website. Enlighten your followers about your business’ updates and activity. Be sure to link back to your home page or specific pages within your site.

Communicate with your customers, as well as people who are interested or related in your field. It’s not enough to just post tweets talking about your business. Ask questions to your followers about news or what they would like to see on your site, and respond to any of their tweets, too. Follow users who are related to your business, and perhaps they’ll follow you back.

Advertise your business’ upcoming events! Get your followers interested and add a link to the event’s page. Also, upload some photos or videos during your event to show what a great time people are having. Create a hash tag for your event so that people can communicate with each other about the event. After, include links to a recap of your event on your blog.

Just like on Facebook, keep track of your business’ feedback on Twitter using these three ways:  favorite tweets as testimonials; use; and retweet. Each time someone compliments your business, favorite it by clicking on the star under each tweet. Then, you will have a list of testimonials about your company under your Favorites tab. This way you can send this link to anyone who asks about what others think of your company.

LPDeezign & Marketing Inc.'s Favorite Tweets

Favorite Tweet allows you to search your business to see what anyone and everyone has said about your business. Search hash tags, user names, or keywords, and favorite them as well.

Retweet some of your favorite tweets so that your followers can instantly see who is talking about you and how often.


If your employees have Twitter accounts, they can promote your business to their followers by tagging your business or using hash tags. Your network will expand through your employees, which means more opportunities for sales, and so the outcome of all of this is more money for you.

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Mission & Vision for Brand Strategy

Mission and vision statements are two other important factors to add to your company’s website to optimize your brand strategy. Each are made up of one to two sentences describing a business’ noncommercial reasons for being, and it should include the overall function, purpose, and aim of the business. Mission and vision statements are so vital primarily because it tells clients exactly what your business is all about; it gives them a precise reason for why they should choose to hire you for service. Also, it is entirely valuable for you and your employees to use them as a reference in order to maintain focus, organization, and stability within the company so that you can all work as a team towards one unanimous goal.

The mission and vision statements combined should answer the following questions:

1. What do you do?

2. How do you do it?

3. Why do you do it?

4. For whom do you do it?

5. What will you do?

Use your own answers to these questions as elements for your business’ mission and vision statements. Let’s use Lpdeezign & Marketing, Inc.‘s mission and vision statements to exemplify:

We are dedicated to providing our clients with comprehensive deezign and/or marketing solutions, unmatched consulting services, and quantifiable, meaningful results. We are in business to improve your business.

Our vision is to ensure your brand will stand out by innovating creative solutions that will effectively communicate you to your audience.


1.  What? “Comprehensive deezign and/or marketing solutions, unmatched consulting services, and quantifiable, meaningful results.”

2.  How? “By innovating creative solutions that will effectively communicate you to your audience.”

3.  Why? “We are in business to improve your business.”

4.  For whom? “Our clients;” “your brand;” “to your audience.”

5.  Our will? “That will effectively communicate you to your audience.”

Think of the mission and vision statements as a promise that you cannot break to your clients. Every word in those statements must be applied for when you are conducting service.

Tip: Before starting a new project or working with a new client, read over your mission and vision statements so that you know exactly what you need to focus on.

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Significance of Logos

A logo is a small symbol that reflects upon a company’s concept and values. As part of a company’s branding, it conveys personality and leaves a lasting impression. Compared to a name, a logo is an alternative way to remember a company and its services simply because humans tend to retain images more than words in their memories. When first creating a logo, it’s a good idea to make the name of your business a part of the symbol because it allows consumers to more easily remember who you are. Consider the following factors when creating a logo:

– Color
– Shape
– Size
– Letters
– Fonts
– Concept

After creating a logo, it’s extremely important to post it on every marketing element of your business:  web pages, flyers, business cards, t-shirts, etc. Also, use the same logo over and over again. You want everyone to become familiar with your logo and know that it represents your company. Take a look at these examples of logos:






Graphic Design Chicago

What is “Branding?”

Welcome to Brand U Fridays, Lpdeezign & Marketing, Inc.‘s weekly tip for strategic marketing, creative solutions, and unique branding! Every Friday, we will post a new tip about how to create, communicate, deliver, and exchange services and/or products that benefit clients, partners, and, generally, society.

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What is “Branding?”

Welcome to Brand U Fridays, Lpdeezign & Marketing, Inc.‘s weekly tip for strategic marketing, creative solutions, and unique branding! Every Friday, we will post a new tip about how to create, communicate, deliver, and exchange services and/or products that benefit clients, partners, and, generally, society.

So what does the word “brand” mean anyway? According to the American Marketing Association (AMA), a brand is a name, term, sign, symbol, design, or combination of those intended to identify the goods and services of a seller, as well as to differentiate themselves from other sellers. Basically, it gives a business a unique image to make its offered services stand out from competitors’ services. Good branding is so important for a company to have because it is the representation of that company andhow people remember it. Let’s put it this way:  it is the first and lasting impression of your company and its services on prospects and clients. If your company doesn’t leave a good impression on others, how would you expect them to be interested in your services?

Below are five objectives that optimal branding should achieve:

  1. Clearly and consistently deliver marketing strategies through your company.
  2. Confirm the credibility of your company.
  3. Motivate the buyer.
  4. Prove business loyalty.
  5. Emotionally connect with clients, customers, and prospects; build a relationship with them.

With consistency, repetition is key! By presenting the same image over and over again, people will remember your business and all that it stands for every time they see, think of, or hear of it.

Build credibility by fostering trust and maintaining professionalism. No one wants to do business with someone who is unorganized, uneducated in their field, or is not reputable. Your image should be clean and well-structured. Be sure to show who you’ve worked with and how you’ve benefitted your clients.

Start and uphold a positive and special relationship with each client. By emotionally bonding with clients, you’re creating a pleasant experience with them, and, thus, building trust. Building trust, then, leads to credibility!

Persuasion and negotiation skills must come into play when trying to motivate a buyer. Show that you understand what your client wants and needs and how you can satisfy them. A mission statement or tagline is ideal as a part of your branding in striving to motivate your client or prospect.

Loyalty goes along with building a good relationship. It is vital to give your clients your undivided attention, as well as to give honest and realistic opinions. Displaying trust and loyalty towards clients allows them to trust and be loyal to you in return, which generates positive relationships.

Let’s take a look at LPDeezign & Marketing’s branding:

Upon visiting the website, the first thing to notice is the color scheme and layout of the site. At the very top of the page is a slideshow previewing the portfolio of various projects. All blog entries are on the left, and all other information about LPDeezign & Marketing, including updates, mission statement, and services, is on the right. The same three colors, black, orange, and white, as well as the same fonts, are used throughout the entire page. Through this organization, we immediately capture consistency and credibility without reading any material.

As we scroll down the page, there are Mission and Vision statements, an About section, and descriptions of the services LPDeezign & Marketing offers. The content within these sections demonstrate LPDeezign & Marketing’s loyalty towards clients, motivation for company’s improvement, and an overall good relationship with the client. Click on the images below to view at larger scales:

As finally stated in the Mission Statement, LPDeezign & Marketing is “in business to improve your business.” Other strategic words and phrases used in the Mission Statement are “dedicated,” “providing our customers,” “quantifiable,” and “meaningful.” In the About section, it is stated that LPDeezign & Marketing will “strive to increase your online visibility and bottom-line profitability in order to remain a step ahead of your competitors.” In the remaining Deezign, Marketing, and Production sections, recurring phrases such as “partners with clients,” “for the clients,” and “enhance the client’s branding strategy” show how much LPDeezign & Marketing is willing to do for its clients. From this, our loyalty towards our clients is demonstrated, and they are likely to be motivated to work with us from the assurance of our services. With loyalty and motivation in hand, LPDeezign & Marketing and its clients are bound to build great relationships.

Remember:  consistency, credibility, relationship, motivation, loyalty. These five objectives serve as the basis for your successful company brand.

Come back every Friday for brand new Brand U tips on marketing and branding!