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The brief history of marketing

The marketing process is older than you may think.

Since the invention of movable type in 1450, media has influenced potential consumers to buy certain products and services. Following the mass production of the printing press, magazines, posters and billboards began to gain in popularity as ways of advertisement before the turn of the 20th century. In fact, posters became so popular in London that they were briefly outlawed in 1839. With further technological advancement, targeting greater audiences became easier. By 1950, radio, television and telemarketing became common practices managed by marketing departments. By 2000, internet, email, and search engines began to further assist companies in developing their target audiences.

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Facebook Page Design is Changing

Facebook Pages are getting a new design. Facebook has announced that on March 30, 2012 all pages are going to be getting the new timeline design. Below are some FAQ’s we have put together for those of you who want to be prepared.

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Real Time Data for Google Analytics

What’s happening on your website right now? Google has just introduced that they will now be able to track your website’s real time data with Google Analytics.

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Top 7 Inspirational Email Tests

Email marketing can be very tricky. Unless you hire a professional, how do you know that the emails you are sending are actually being read? I came across these interesting tips that might help you in achieving email marketing success. The following article is about the top 7 inspirational email tests:

  • Email opt-in offer creative
  •  Privacy Line
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Case Study: How To Achieve Business Growth By Blogging

River Pools and Spas (RPS) was a small business that sold swimming pools in Virginia and Maryland. When it was founded in 2001, Marcus Sheridan, its owner, did not have an optimized marketing plan. Limited exposure to marketing techniques led him to rely on more traditional marketing campaigns, which tended to be costly. Reevaluating his marketing strategies, Sheridan decided to try something new—namely, use his website as a marketing tool and blog to draw site traffic.

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