What is “Branding?”

Welcome to Brand U Fridays, Lpdeezign & Marketing, Inc.‘s weekly tip for strategic marketing, creative solutions, and unique branding! Every Friday, we will post a new tip about how to create, communicate, deliver, and exchange services and/or products that benefit clients, partners, and, generally, society.

So what does the word “brand” mean anyway? According to the American Marketing Association (AMA), a brand is a name, term, sign, symbol, design, or combination of those intended to identify the goods and services of a seller, as well as to differentiate themselves from other sellers. Basically, it gives a business a unique image to make its offered services stand out from competitors’ services. Good branding is so important for a company to have because it is the representation of that company andhow people remember it. Let’s put it this way: it is the first and lasting impression of your company and its services on prospects and clients. If your company doesn’t leave a good impression on others, how would you expect them to be interested in your services?

Below are five objectives that optimal branding should achieve:

  1. Clearly and consistently deliver marketing strategies through your company.
  2. Confirm the credibility of your company.
  3. Motivate the buyer.
  4. Prove business loyalty.
  5. Emotionally connect with clients, customers, and prospects; build a relationship with them.

With consistency, repetition is key! By presenting the same image over and over again, people will remember your business and all that it stands for every time they see, think of, or hear of it.

Build credibility by fostering trust and maintaining professionalism. No one wants to do business with someone who is unorganized, uneducated in their field, or is not reputable. Your image should be clean and well-structured. Be sure to show who you’ve worked with and how you’ve benefitted your clients.

Start and uphold a positive and special relationship with each client. By emotionally bonding with clients, you’re creating a pleasant experience with them, and, thus, building trust. Building trust, then, leads to credibility!

Persuasion and negotiation skills must come into play when trying to motivate a buyer. Show that you understand what your client wants and needs and how you can satisfy them. A mission statement or tagline is ideal as a part of your branding in striving to motivate your client or prospect.

Loyalty goes along with building a good relationship. It is vital to give your clients your undivided attention, as well as to give honest and realistic opinions. Displaying trust and loyalty towards clients allows them to trust and be loyal to you in return, which generates positive relationships.

Let’s take a look at LPDeezign & Marketing’s branding:

What is Branding - Example 1

Upon visiting the website, the first thing to notice is the color scheme and layout of the site. At the very top of the page is a slideshow previewing the portfolio of various projects. All blog entries are on the left, and all other information about LPDeezign & Marketing, including updates, mission statement, and services, is on the right. The same three colors, black, orange, and white, as well as the same fonts, are used throughout the entire page. Through this organization, we immediately capture consistency and credibility without reading any material.

As we scroll down the page, there are Mission and Vision statements, an About section, and descriptions of the services LPDeezign & Marketing offers. The content within these sections demonstrate LPDeezign & Marketing’s loyalty towards clients, motivation for company’s improvement, and an overall good relationship with the client. Click on the images below to view at larger scales:

What is Branding - Example 3

What is Branding - Example 2

As finally stated in the Mission Statement, LPDeezign & Marketing is “in business to improve your business.” Other strategic words and phrases used in the Mission Statement are “dedicated,” “providing our customers,” “quantifiable,” and “meaningful.” In the About section, it is stated that LPDeezign & Marketing will “strive to increase your online visibility and bottom-line profitability in order to remain a step ahead of your competitors.” In the remaining Deezign, Marketing, and Production sections, recurring phrases such as “partners with clients,” “for the clients,” and “enhance the client’s branding strategy” show how much LPDeezign & Marketing is willing to do for its clients. From this, our loyalty towards our clients is demonstrated, and they are likely to be motivated to work with us from the assurance of our services. With loyalty and motivation in hand, LPDeezign & Marketing and its clients are bound to build great relationships.

Remember: consistency, credibility, relationship, motivation, loyalty. These five objectives serve as the basis for your successful company brand.

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