How to Optimize a Company YouTube Channel

YouTube is a great way to gain exposure on the web. We often get questions from our clients about how to leverage YouTube as a social media outlet for their business.

      We came across the this article:

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The most important YouTube for business tips we found from this article that were helpful are:

    1. Optimize your video title. This means add keywords if you can. This is just like a page title and tells Google what your page is about. Think of it as a one line summary of what your video is about.
    2. Frequency. Uploading fresh, new content as much as you can but spreading them out will help increase engagement.

  • Add a link to your YouTube channel in the embed code when posting it on other websites.
  • Embed the video on your website and surround it with text about the topic you are focusing on. This will give Google and readers more information about that topic and increase exposure.
  • Focus on increasing your subscribers. Subscribers on YouTube is like followers on Twitter or fans on Facebook. The more you have, the more your page will be viewed and the more exposure you will get!
  • Tag your videos. Keeping your tags to around 5-10 and avoid stop words. YouTube creates the related videos based on the tags you create.

Thank you to Ayima and Mark Tempest for creating this great post.