The Most Effective Marketing Strategies

Below is a chart taken from one of Hubspot‘s latest ebooks, 7 Steps to Jump-Start Your Email Marketing Strategy, which can be found on our Resources page!. This chart shows the many aspects of marketing and their effects on businesses and companies:

The Effectiveness of Marketing Tactics

According to the chart, web design, management, and optimization is the leading marketing strategy, and print advertising is at the bottom. If this doesn’t seem obvious, then allow us to explain:  the Internet is taking over the universe! Check out the top 4 marketing strategies:  websites, virtual events, email marketing, SEO. Therefore, these 4 tactics should be at the top of your priority list for your company’s marketing plan. Concerning websites, your business hours might only be 9-5, but your website is live 24/7. There are countless services out there that offer website design, such as Lpdeezign & Marketing! Take advantage of those types of services, and build the best possible website for your company. Also, blogging does a great deal of getting your website lots of exposure, as long as you use proper SEO techniques. Virtual events and webinars are great for saving money on real-life events. These are good for educational purposes, such as in the case of having public speakers. Email marketing, perhaps one of the older forms of Internet marketing, still remains to be a super important and a cost-effective marketing strategy for generating leads, as well as building good relationships with clients and potential partners. SEO is up on the list because it’s what gets your website to rank higher on search engines, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

2 of these marketing methods we should touch base on are direct mail and social media. Concerning direct mail, we still get tons of print advertisements, coupons, flyers, and more, but in a world so heavily-populated by smartphone users and e-bill payers, how much of it do we really look at?  56% of businesses reported direct mail to be somewhat effective, and contributing factors may be the type of business you have, the location of your business, and who your clients are. Be careful of how you handle your direct mail.

With social media, it seems like everyone’s always on Facebook and talking about the latest, or most popular, post on Facebook. So why isn’t it as “very effective” as SEO, email, or websites are? The truth is that for your business or company to be on top with the most effective social media strategy, you must hire someone who is reasonable and promising in their services to take care of your networks, just like for your website. The majority of the 620 million Facebook users out there are amateur social media marketers.

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