How To Optimize Online Videos for SEO

We here at Lpdeezign & Marketing have mentioned before that people want efficiency and popularity. Watching is preferred over reading; videos are preferred over books.

      Every minute,


      users upload another 20 hours of video, and every day the site streams 100 million videos. It’s no doubt that including videos in your website will drive more traffic to it. However, there is proper strategy for optimizing your


      content so that they rank highly in search results. Check out the tips below for good video



Choose where to host your videos. Depending on your company’s goals and functions, you can choose to host your videos on either your company’s site or on a third party site, such as YouTube or Vimeo. Using third party sites will get more traffic to your videos and potentially your website. This will help maximize total views. However, hosting videos on your site will bring more relative and valuable traffic, and you are more likely to gain referrals this way.

Choose a valuable title and description. Naming and writing about your videos isn’t much different than coming up with a title and written content for web pages. Simply follow the same rules for keywords and links:  do not cram as many of them as possible into your title or description unless you want search engines to mark your videos as spam.

Include transcriptions. Google can’t understand video content as it is presented, so including a text transcript along with your videos lets search engines and online video sites better understand the videos.

Consider mass-uploading services. Mass-upload services are helpful if all you desire is lots of traffic and views to your videos and website. A good video mass-uploading service is

Include a video sitemap. A video sitemap will help search engines index your videos more easily. Video sitemaps should include all of the following, otherwise search engines will not be able to show your video in relative search results:  the title of your video; a description; the video’s URL; and a thumbnail image.

Optimize video URLs. This can be done by adding keywords that are in the title or description of your video into the video’s URL. Links can be included in a video’s description as well. But, again, do not overload with links and keywords.

Keep your videos short. Online videos should be about 3-4 minutes long. Videos should not be longer than, hands down, 10 minutes. Any longer, and the viewer will lose interest. A great idea would be to cut down longer videos into shorter separate ones, as if they’re chapters in a book. This keeps viewers more interested and inclined to know what happens in the next video. Also, you will have more videos in your playlist, which gives you more SEO opportunities for your videos!

Promote, promote, promote. Link your videos to your Facebook profile, Twitter feed, blog, and anywhere else where people will view them. This will help drive traffic to your videos and also get better page rankings on search engines.

Check back next week for a new Lpdeezign & Marketing SEO tip of the week!