How to Market Your Brand With YouTube

Brand U Friday

We here at Lpdeezign & Marketing cannot stress this enough: ¬†today, the world is all about efficiency and popularity. Would you rather read a newspaper article or watch the news? How about watching an instructional video versus a how-to brochure? We guess you’d probably rather watch a video instead of read print. So would your customers. Videos allow us to send messages with sounds, words, pictures, and motion all at once. And what better place than the Internet is there to watch them? YouTube is undeniably the most popular video sharing website used by people all around the world. With 2 billion views per day and 3.7 billion searches per month, YouTube has proved itself as a vital tool as a part of the social media toolbox for expanding a brand’s awareness. And as a child of Google, the #1 search engine, you bet YouTube owns almost as much of the Internet as its parent does. Following are some tips of how to use YouTube to optimally promote your brand on YouTube.

What to upload:

–¬†Announcements for new products/features
– Interviews
– Recorded Webinars
– Event highlights
– User-submitted videos
– Instructional videos

Tips for your YouTube channel:

Р The name of your channel should be the name of your business.
– Include the link to your website under “Website.”
– Write a description for why viewers should watch your videos.
– Fill out the “About” section. Give a description of what your business is. Also include a link to your website here!
– Make sure to use good keyword strategy for all of your written content!

Tips for uploading videos:

– Come up with attention-getting titles for your videos
– Always write a description of what the video is about. Take advantage of keywords and links here!
– Include tags, as many as you want!
– Make sure to set your privacy level to “public.”
– Allow comments, ratings, and comment voting to get your viewers to communicate with and about your business!
– Group similarly-themed videos into playlists to keep them organized.

Tips for promoting videos:

– Embed videos on your website.
– Post bulletins to subscribers.
– Tweet and post on Facebook about your playlists and videos.
– Include links to your channel in email newsletters.

Tracking and optimization:

– Utilize YouTube Insight, which provides statistics on viewer demographics, total views, videos most viewed, and traffic sources.

If you have not yet done so, sign your business up for a YouTube account now! Also, come back next week for a brand new Brand U Friday!