Domain Names: .com vs .net

When was the last time you visited a .net website? How about a .com website? Our guess is that you’ve probably been on more .com websites than .net ones. We rarely ever visit .net websites because more end with the domain .com, and, therefore, we often assume that most websites we hear and talk about end with .com. Also, .net sites usually identify networks or associations, whereas business’ websites usually end in .com. We typically need to be notified of when a website ends in .net because otherwise we will assume the domain is .com, type in the incorrect URL, and the site will not show up. This will take a longer time to find the website, and these days, time is too precious of a commodity to be wasting even a second, especially on the Internet. Thus, in creating a domain name for your website, it is most reasonable to end the URL with .com.

Websites with a .net domain are not necessarily bad, though. Sometimes one will go to buy a .com domain with a desired domain name, but unfortunately, it will be already taken by another .com site. Instead, that person will either change the words in the site address or use the desired address with .net. The biggest concern with changing your domain name to have a .com site is that you’re prone to using longer, more specific, and less common long-tail keywords, which can be an advantage in terms of originality. However, the sites listed on the first page of Google have shorter, more common keywords with super high competition, so in this case, you would rather use the .net domain to stay with the competition on that first page.

.net vs .com

A photo representing the conflict between .net and .com


With a .net domain, it’s still possible to achieve high rankings on search engines, but you just have to make sure that you put in the extra effort into your branding methods so that clients and prospects are aware that your website ends with .net and not .com. Also, your competitors most likely have .com sites. If your branding efforts with your .net domain equal that of your competitors’ efforts with their .com domains, already your .net site is losing traffic compared to your competitors. Today, entrepreneurs opt to do less and earn more, and, therefore, using a .com domain is, again, preferable over a .net domain for good search engine optimization.

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