Using Twitter to Market Your Business

Twitter is the second most popular social media site under Facebook ( Therefore, we strongly recommend you use it for your business if you’re not doing so already. A Twitter account for your business can help promote your brand, blog, or website. Enlighten your followers about your business’ updates and activity. Be sure to link back to your home page or specific pages within your site.

Communicate with your customers, as well as people who are interested or related in your field. It’s not enough to just post tweets talking about your business. Ask questions to your followers about news or what they would like to see on your site, and respond to any of their tweets, too. Follow users who are related to your business, and perhaps they’ll follow you back.

Advertise your business’ upcoming events! Get your followers interested and add a link to the event’s page. Also, upload some photos or videos during your event to show what a great time people are having. Create a hash tag for your event so that people can communicate with each other about the event. After, include links to a recap of your event on your blog.

Just like on Facebook, keep track of your business’ feedback on Twitter using these three ways:  favorite tweets as testimonials; use; and retweet. Each time someone compliments your business, favorite it by clicking on the star under each tweet. Then, you will have a list of testimonials about your company under your Favorites tab. This way you can send this link to anyone who asks about what others think of your company.

LPDeezign & Marketing Inc.'s Favorite Tweets

Favorite Tweet allows you to search your business to see what anyone and everyone has said about your business. Search hash tags, user names, or keywords, and favorite them as well.

Retweet some of your favorite tweets so that your followers can instantly see who is talking about you and how often.


If your employees have Twitter accounts, they can promote your business to their followers by tagging your business or using hash tags. Your network will expand through your employees, which means more opportunities for sales, and so the outcome of all of this is more money for you.

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