Market Offline Events Through Internet

As we have previously mentioned, the social media world is booming. Without engaging in the Internet and its resources, it’s as if you’re not in the loop. A great way to optimize your business’ SEO is to market your events online. This doesn’t mean to create just a Facebook invite, send to all your friends, and expect them to partake in the event. You should blast your event before, during, and after the event. Doing so constantly markets your event and gives more exposure to your business as a whole. People will not want to miss your event, and they will want to know more about your business.

Before: Depending on the type of event you are hosting, create a separate site, or page on your site, and include information about the event. Talk about what it is, who will be there, where it will be, when, and why you are hosting it. Give a preview to potential attendees of what topics will be discussed and if there will be any featured speakers or performers. This will give them an opportunity to network with others about the event, which is only a benefit for you because they are acting as a marketing tool for your business. Broadcast it through social media sites and blogs.

During: Assign a particular area at your event so that guests can share multimedia in real-time. Capture photos and videos and automatically update them to your website, Facebook, and Twitter. Create a hash tag just for your event to allow guests to communicate with each other throughout the event on Twitter.

After: Take all of the photos, videos, and status updates you posted at the event and use them to recap your event in your blog or website. Allow guests to comment on the multimedia so that people are still talking about your event. This will help promote your business for the next event. Keep record of all multimedia from every event and store it in an archive, and publish this archive to your website.

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