Wikipedia for SEO Benefit

Wikipedia is one of the most popular websites used around the world. As a result, businesses use Wikipedia to enhance SEO and improve their rankings on search engines.

    However, this marketing strategy has its cons along with its pros.


    1. Wikipedia is a website that gets tons of traffic every day. Therefore, using for marketing efforts helps gain traffic to their own sites as well.

    2. A link to your own website from Wikipedia is perceived as a credible link by search engines. This helps to get your website highly ranked on search engines.



    1. The sole purpose of Wikipedia is to provide information, and it is not a link-building website. If Wikipedia notices that you are adding several links on your page leading to your site, it may remove your links immediately. Also, perceived biased or false information is typically removed.

    2. Since content on Wikipedia can be edited or removed by anyone, competitors have the opportunity to abuse your page and give your business a bad name. This is one of the major risks when creating Wikipedia pages.


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