Why Your Business Needs Facebook

The social media world is booming these days, especially with Facebook. Let us emphasize BOOMING. If you don’t have a Facebook account, it’s as if you don’t exist and are unconnected with the rest of the world.

    Facebook is necessary in this generation, especially for businesses and companies.

    Here are 10 reasons for why your business needs Facebook:

    1. Keep up with everyone else! Without Facebook, you are already behind the competition. A similar business to yours that has a Facebook account is already getting more promotions, ads, and publicity.

    2. Connect with customers! What better way to filter out clients? All Facebook users connect with people and businesses that they are interested in. Also, it’s an efficient way to communicate news and information to your customers.

    3. Promotion! The whole world could potentially know about your business, but don’t think it will just happen on its own. Be sure to regularly post relevant and updated information to keep customers’ attention. You can easily post status updates within minutes.

    4. Protection! Creating a Facebook page is just as important as having a trademark for your brand. Otherwise, you risk the possibility that others will make the page for you. Facebook Places is a great app for making your mark in the Facebook world.

    5. Facebook is free! The only risk you take in creating a page for your business is time for learning how to use it, building the page, and keeping it active and updated.

    6. Fast feedback! With Facebook apps for phones and other mobile Internet devices, everyone is connected all the time. It’s a really easy and convenient way to get feedback on your services, products, and business in general.

    7. Link online and offline marketing efforts! Mail, newspaper and magazine ads, your store, and word of mouth can direct customers right to your Facebook page. There, they can learn about your business’ events, updates, and offered services.

    8. Customers can find you! When searching for a person or business on a search engine, such as Google, there will always be a link on the first page directing you to that person or business’ Facebook.

    9. More money! Facebook produces infinite connections and communication. With that comes potential clients, who turn into loyal customers, and the result of all of this is more dollars for you!

    10. Your website will be neglected! Nowadays, you can’t just tell someone to visit your website, or hand them a flyer with your website address on it, and expect them to check it out. Realistically, people would rather click once to arrive at a site rather than type the address out themselves, though this may be considered laziness to the extreme. With Facebook, you can link your website to your news feed, wall, or friends’ walls! After all, it is the most popular social networking site.