Significance of Logos

A logo is a small symbol that reflects upon a company’s concept and values. As part of a company’s branding, it conveys personality and leaves a lasting impression. Compared to a name, a logo is an alternative way to remember a company and its services simply because humans tend to retain images more than words in their memories. When first creating a logo, it’s a good idea to make the name of your business a part of the symbol because it allows consumers to more easily remember who you are. Consider the following factors when creating a logo:

– Color
– Shape
– Size
– Letters
– Fonts
– Concept

After creating a logo, it’s extremely important to post it on every marketing element of your business:  web pages, flyers, business cards, t-shirts, etc. Also, use the same logo over and over again. You want everyone to become familiar with your logo and know that it represents your company. Take a look at these examples of logos: