Importance of Opening Links in a New Window

Generally, when we click links on a web page, a new page will be opened on the same page of your web browser. We continue to read on the new page and perhaps click on other links that lead us to more sites on the same page. Eventually, we may want to return to the very first page we were on, so clicking the “Back” button several times sounds feasible. To preserve the first page you were on, you can open the link in a new window. This is done by right-clicking and selecting “Open Link in New Window.” However, wouldn’t it be better to just normally left-click once on the link and have it automatically open in a new window? In today’s society, it is often preferred that we click as little as possible because time is too precious to be wasting any second on one extra click.

On WordPress, you can easily choose for all of your links to open in new windows. After linking the highlighted text, there is a drop-down box where you can choose to open the link in the same window or a new window. Select “Open Link in a New Window.”

Open Link in New Window

If links in your content are not opened in a new window, the following statistics (taken from Google Analytics) are hindered for your site:

– Bounce Rate increases. (Bounce rate is the rate at which visitors enter a site and leave it rather than continuing to view other pages within the same site.)

– Average time on the site is obviously reduced because as soon as a new link is opened on the same page, the time that visitor spends on your site is cut. You want your viewers to spend as much time as they can on your site.

– Page view per visit will be small because visitors are deprived of interacting with your site.

Bottom Line:  Always remember to set your links to open in new windows!

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